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Storage management STMG

The planning, implementation, configuration and tuning of storage hardware and software covering online, offline, remote and offsite data storage (backup, archiving and recovery) and ensuring compliance with regulatory and security requirements.

Moving to SFIA 8 

There is an updated version of this skill for SFIA 8. 

  • The skill descriptions have been edited for readability and guidance notes have been added 
  • Details available here - SFIA 8 Storage management 
  • SFIA 7 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use 
  • Previous SFIA assessments are not impacted by this change. 

Storage management: Level 3

Performs regular high-performance, scalable backups and restores on a schedule and tracks offsite storage. Carries out documented configuration for allocation of storage, installation and maintenance of secure storage systems as per the agreed operational procedure. Identifies operational problems and contributes to their resolution. Uses standard management and reporting tools to collect and report on storage utilisation, performance and backup statistics.

Storage management: Level 4

Reviews capacity, performance, availability and other operational metrics and take appropriate action to ensure corrective and proactive maintenance of storage and backup systems to support the requirement to protect and secure business information. Creates reports and proposals for improvement and contributes to the planning and implementation of new installations and scheduled maintenance and changes within the system. Prepares and maintains operational procedures and provides technical expertise and appropriate information to the management.

Storage management: Level 5

Manages the storage and backup systems to provide agreed service levels. Responsible for creating, improving, and supporting quality IT services with optimal utilisation of storage resources, ensuring data security, availability and integrity of business data. Develops standards, procedures and guidelines for implementing data protection and disaster recovery functionality for all business applications and business data using different online and offline storage devices.

Storage management: Level 6

Develops strategies for managing storage and data based on level of criticality of information, managing compliance with regulatory and security requirements.

Align investments in storage management with data management policies to meet the business goals based on the information value, classification of data, recovery point and recovery time objectives.