SFIA Approved Assessment Partners

SFIA Approved Assessment Partners are organisations that operate an assessment scheme approved by the SFIA Foundation.


Assessment of the skills and competencies of a person using SFIA is a very powerful tool in developing their personal skills and competencies - throughout their career.

Skills assessment is also the first step in transforming the skills and competencies of an organisation - closing its digital skills gap.

All organisations can gain significant benefits from assessing the skills of their workforce and can do so, for internal and non-commercial use, under a SFIA Corporate User Licence.

The SFIA Foundation operates a scheme by which a SFIA Partner organisation may be approved by the SFIA Foundation as a SFIA Approved Assessment Partner.

SFIA Approved Assessment Partners operate their own assessment scheme which must satisfy the requirements set out by the SFIA Foundation. Provided the requirements are satisfied then the assessments can be considered to be SFIA Approved Assessments.

While many organisation have been conducting 'SFIA Assessments' for many years - this approval scheme is new and being bootstrapped - priority will be given to existing SFIA Accredited Partners in becoming SFIA Approved Assessment Partners.

Approved SFIA Assessment Scheme Partners

APMG International (Assessors from SkillsTx)

Australian Public Service Commission