SFIA Approved Assessment Partners

SFIA Approved Assessment Partners are organisation that operate an assessment scheme approved by the SFIA Foundation.


Assessment of the skills and competencies of a person using SFIA is a very powerful tool in developing their personal skills and competencies - throughout their career.

Skills assessment is also the first step in transforming the skills and competencies of an organisation - closing its digital skills gap.

All organisations can gain significant benefits from assessing the skills of their workforce and can do so, for internal and non-commercial use, under a SFIA Corporate User Licence.

The SFIA Foundation operates a scheme by which a SFIA Partner organisation may be approved by the SFIA Foundation as a SFIA Approved Assessment Partner.

SFIA Approved Assessment Partners operate their own assessment scheme which must satisfy the requirements set out by the SFIA Foundation here <insert link>. Provided the requirements are satisfied then the assessments can be considered to be SFIA Approved Assessments.

While many organisation have been conducting 'SFIA Assessments' for many years - this approval scheme is new and being bootstrapped - priority will be given to existing SFIA Accredited Partners in becoming SFIA Approved Assessment Partners.

Approved SFIA Assessment Partners

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