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3 focus areas for DevOps skills

For ease of use, we have split the DevOps skills view into 3 focus areas based on unique aspects of DevOps culture and working practices.

The groupings are a navigational aid only:

  • Once you are familiar with the content of SFIA you may not need them
  • Each SFIA skill is present in only one focus area, but in reality, we could easily represent some skills in more than one focus area
  • You should select SFIA skills for individual job roles appropriately from any of the focus areas and/or from the wider SFIA framework
  • SFIA is designed to be flexible and to be easily adopted and adapted to different organisation structures and different job designs. This makes it an ideal resource to support your development and improvement of DevOps working practices. 

Set up DevOps culture and organisational capabilities

  • Leading the transition to DevOps culture and mindset
  • Removing artificial barriers between functions, departments and teams, development and operations
  • Re-designing jobs and re-skilling practitioners
  • Better communications and end to end ownership of customer outcomes to deliver value

Technical DevOps capabilities – using automation to drive velocity and quality

  • Designing and implementing practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery,  microservices, infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging, communication and collaboration 
  • Continuous improvement and increased use of automation to drive velocity, quality, scalability, security

Adapting and operating organisational processes to support DevOps culture & ways of working

  • Beyond the technical automated capabilities; it requires other changes to working practices to achieve the full benefit and to drive a distinct culture
  • It will depend on your overall organisation structure, but you are likely to need to look at departments, teams and roles beyond your core DevOps teams. The skill listed here provide a lead into that discussion.