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Reviewing soft skills and behaviours for SFIA 8

We plan to publish SFIA 8 in Q3 2021. The consultation process for SFIA 8 includes a review of how SFIA supports soft skills/behaviours.

There are several activities planned to support this. If you have some ideas or you can help please contact the SFIA Updates Manager.

Disclaimer: The SFIA 8 project depends on contributions from volunteers.

While the SFIA Foundation does commit to delivering updates to the core SFIA framework (SFIA skills, skills and level descriptions, generics).

We cannot commit to all activities listed below without volunteer effort.

SFIA 8 consultation activities

  1. Review industry-approaches to soft skills and behaviours
    • list sources here ...
  2. Identify and showcase existing components within the SFIA framework and SFIA guidance material
    • SFIA levels of responsibilities and generic attributes ...
    • Guidance
    • Professional skills
  3. Document industry requirements / use cases for behavioural factors
  4. Identify design principles and design options to meet the requirements
  5. Propose changes to LoRs, guidance. 
  6. Test with SFIA Users

Peter Leather, SFIA Updates Manager