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Mapping SFIA levels of responsibilities to behavioural factors

A graphic representation which showcases the behavioural attributes described in SFIA's levels of responsibility.


  • SFIA's levels of responsibility are a key component of the overall SFIA framework
  • They are usually described as a set of generic attributes - but they can also be viewed as describing a set of behaviours/soft skills needed at each level of responsibility

Original work by Phil Lovell and Penny Coulter

  • The attached Powerpoint is best opened read only and viewed as a slideshow - to let the animation demonstrate the approach.
  • Then you can click on the coloured text boxes on the right hand side of slides 2 and 3 
  • The slideshow addresses all the Level of Responsibility sentences and allows multiple highlights to be turned on or off - making comparison of mapping easy.
  • This is still work in progress. Think of it as a working prototype to be used to gather feedback and ideas.
  • You can add comments in the box at the bottom of the page - you will need to be logged in.
  • Alternatively send your feedback to the SFIA Updates Manager.

Click on the images below for full size.

Step 1 - Start with SFIA 7 levels of responsibility

  • see page 2 (reverse side) of the A3 chart

Step 2 - Separate out the behavioural factors

  • distinguish behavioural factors from descriptions of context and personal attributes

Step 3 - Categorise the behavioural factors

  • group under recognisable headings

Step 4 - Publish the content as a prototype for review

Phil Lovell Penny Coulter