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Whole-of-Country Licence Details

The Whole-of-Country SFIA licence is designed for countries that want to drive enhanced digital skills and competency throughout the country.

The Whole-of-Country SFIA licence creates momentum for national skills initiatives by providing SFIA licensing free of charge to organisations within that country. It ensures that national initiatives have international alignment and recognition. It allows for national organisations to benefit from and contribute to the international skills and competency community.


The scope of the licence is:

  • All SFIA use by individuals within the country for their own skills and competency development
  • All SFIA use by public sector entities within the country
  • All SFIA use by private sector entities wholly-owned within the country and whose principal place of business is within the country

Private sector entities NOT wholly-owned within the country or whose principal place of business is NOT within the country are not covered by this licence and must be licensed separately. Organisations from outside of the country must not piggy-back on a Whole-of-Country Licence through a local organisation.

This licence covers:

  • Individuals developing their own skills and competencies
  • Organisations (public and private) developing the skills and competencies of their staff
  • In-house management of staff
  • Distribution of SFIA within other companies which are part of a country entity
  • Use of SFIA in a rate card for the provision of human resources for hire or contract
  • Any commercial exploitation of SFIA by country entities within the country
  • Use of a defined SFIA logo, provided by the SFIA Foundation

This licence does not permit:

  • Commercial exploitation by country entities outside of the country
    (A separate uplift fee from the entity may be required)
  • Commercial exploitation by entities outside of the country operating within the country
    (Separate licensing applies)

Duration and Fees

  • The cost of a Whole-of-Country Licence is tiered on the basis of the country's GDP
  • The licence is taken out for a minimum period of 3 years

While the Whole-of-Country Licence removes SFIA licence fees for country entities there are a number of other fees that may be applicable:

  • Individual assessment and accreditation fees where required
  • Individual digital credential fees where required
  • Operation by a country entity outside of the country - an uplift is required
  • Sales of tools containing SFIA by country entities incur royalty payments of 2.5%
    (Sales by non country entities royalty payments are 5%)


  • An individual licence is prepared for each country
  • The SFIA general terms and conditions still apply (modified by the individual licence)

Get this licence

To get the Whole-of-Country SFIA licence to create momentum for national skills and competency initiatives, please contact our Business Administrator.