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SFIA skills for EU ICT Role Profiles

A listing of the SFIA skills mapped to the 30 European Union (EU) 30 ICT professional role profiles.

There are important considerations to be taken into account when using standard, generic role profiles and detailed guidance is provided below.

  • For further discussion, about using standard profiles and our collaborations, contact the

Skills at a glance one-page summary of the SFIA skills and competency levels relevant to the 30 roles.

Using generic profiles

  • When you review the list of role profiles you may feel there are some missing, some with the wrong names and some that you do not need.
  • As with all generic profiles; they are not intended to be a rigid standard and the names of the roles and their content should be considered as just one way of categorising typical jobs in the industry.
This has two significant implications:
  1. Organisations adopting generic profiles (from the EU or other sources) should use them as a starting point only. Then adapt to their own specific organisational context and requirements.  
  2. Other organisations (e.g. employers, national governments, professional bodies) will have different requirements than the EU. This may lead to a different set of generic profiles, differently named roles and different sets of responsibilities.
The SFIA framework provides a natural choice for organisations mapping skills and competency levels to generic profiles.
  • If you are interested in creating or expanding on the definition of generic profiles mapped to SFIA please contact the .

The results are here and comprise:

A summary view of all the SFIA skills mapped to the EU ICT profiles

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Typical ICT Role Families

  • Feedback from employers of ICT Professionals is that they find it helpful to position standardised ICT profiles in the context of typical ICT Role families. 
  • This allows for effective resource planning, recruitment, deployment and professional development. 
  • A typical Project Delivery role family (including the Project Manager role) is illustrated below. It illustrates that the richer content of SFIA can be used to expand on the singular role profiles to create a role family definition. 
  • The table below identifies potential for multi-level/role family definitions. If you are interested in expanding on possible multi-level/role family definitions, please contact the .

A list of SFIA skills profiles for the EU ICT Roles

This is a rich resource with SFIA skill and competency level descriptions for the 30 EU professional roles.
  • The content and format for the skills profiles listed here is illustrative only and is for the specific purpose of this collaboration.
  • The mapping and the format are not prescriptive.
  • The standard role profiles may not be the best fit for your organization. Anyone using these documents should take care to apply the principles of SFIA to their own organisation and role design.
European ICT Profile Family European ICT Professional Role Profile Suitable for mapping as a multi-level / role family using SFIA levels?
Business European ICT Business Information Manager role Yes
European ICT Chief Information Officer role
European ICT Data Scientist role
European ICT Operations Manager role Yes


European ICT Business Analyst role Yes
European ICT Data Specialist role
European ICT Enterprise Architect role Yes
European ICT Solution Designer role Yes
European ICT Systems Analyst role Yes
European ICT Systems Architect role


European ICT Developer role Yes
European ICT Digital Media Specialist role
European ICT Test Specialist role Yes
Process Improvement European ICT DevOps Expert role
European ICT Digital Transformation Leader role
European ICT Product Owner role Yes
European ICT Scrum Master role
Service & Operation European ICT Data Administrator role
European ICT Network Specialist role
European ICT Service Support role Yes
European ICT Systems Administrator role
European ICT Technical Specialist role
Support European ICT Account Manager role
European ICT Digital Consultant role
European ICT Digital Educator role
European ICT Information Security Specialist role Yes
Technical European ICT Project Manager role Yes - see attached example
European ICT Quality Assurance Manager role
European ICT Information Security Manager role Yes
European ICT Service Manager role Yes
All Directory of all 30 profiles is here
All Grid mapping of SFIA skills to all EU ICT professional profiles

Grid mapping of the SFIA skills and skill levels mapped to each of the 30 profiles.

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Excel version of the grid document.

Skills at a glance one-page summary of the SFIA skills and competency levels relevant to the 30 roles.