The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

EU ICT Role Profiles

The EU has published 30 ICT professional role profiles and as part of our ongoing collaboration, the SFIA Foundation has published SFIA competency profiles for these roles. This mapping, using the richness of SFIA, enables SFIA users both within the EU and wider global community to make use of these ICT Profiles.


The European Union (EU) has published 30 ICT Professional Role Profiles to "provide a generic set of typical roles performed by ICT Professionals in any organisation, covering the full ICT business process". These are presented in the document from CEN:  CWA 16458-1:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 1: 30 ICT Profiles. 

  • CEN (European Committee for Standardization) is an association that brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 34 European countries

SFIA and e-CF Collaboration

The global SFIA Foundation collaborates actively with the EU's e-CF project and we agreed  that the SFIA Foundation would create a mapping which shows how the SFIA generic attributes and professional skills align to the 30 EU ICT Professional roles.

*This complements the detailed comparison of the two frameworks performed in 2016. Since we completed this comparison there has been a more recent version of SFIA (v7) and the e-CF (v4). The next version of the e-CF is being analysed to enable us update this comparison. 


  • Publicise (and make accessible) the EU ICT Professional Role Profiles to the more extensive and global SFIA user community (180 countries worldwide with extensive use across Europe as well as Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America and the Middle East)
  • Provide a pragmatic approach for current and potential users to compare the content of the 2 frameworks.*

The results are here and comprise:

  • a summary, graphical view of all the SFIA skills which map to the 30 professional role profiles.
  • A list of SFIA skills profiles for the 30 EU ICT Roles - each has a mapping of SFIA skills & levels aligned to the defined summary statement, mission, deliverables, and main tasks. We list all skills profiles and you can download a pdf by following the links in the table below.
  • a "grid mapping" of the SFIA skills and skill levels mapped to each of the 30 profiles.
  • a browsable view of the skills and skill levels relevant to the 30 roles.
  • A discussion of EU ICT Role Profiles and SFIA Competency Profiles -  which includes an approach to mapping role families instead of individual role profiles.