The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Marketing



Marketing management MKTG


Developing, implementing, and managing marketing strategies and plans to achieve organisational objectives and optimise marketing effectiveness.

Market research MRCH


Gathering, analysing, and interpreting data about markets, customers, and competitors to inform business decisions and strategies.

Brand management BRMG


Developing and managing a brand strategy to establish, enhance, and sustain brand identity, positioning, and value aligned with organisational goals.

Customer Experience CEXP


Ensuring the delivery of high-quality interactions and experiences that meet customer expectations across all touchpoints and channels.

Customer engagement and loyalty CELO


Developing and executing strategies to attract, engage, and retain customers through targeted communications, experiences, and loyalty initiatives.

Marketing campaign management MKCM


Executing, monitoring, and optimising marketing campaigns across various channels to engage target audiences and achieve desired outcomes.