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Should you use a blockchain?

Application of SFIA skills to assess whether your organisation needs a Blockchain.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is part of the US Department of Commerce.  

  • They have published an overview of Blockchain technology (NISTIR 8202) which is available for free on their website 
  • Section 8 of the report describes "Application Considerations"

The fear of missing out on this technology is quite high, and most organizations approach the problem as “we want to use blockchain somewhere, where can we do that?” which leads to frustrations with the technology as it cannot be applied universally. A better approach would be to first understand blockchain technology, where it fits, and then identify systems (new and old) that may fit the blockchain paradigm.

Extract from NISTIR 8202.

Section 8 also includes the flowchart below - to aid decision-making. 

From this we can see that the SFIA framework contains the skills needed to make this decision. You will need to supplement these skills with knowledge of Blockchain.

SFIA skills
The SFIA skills you/your organisation may need to apply to do this analysis…

With some training/education people with these skills can help build a case for adopting a blockchain (or not).
Business analysis BUAN
Business modelling BSMO
Data management DATM
Data modelling and design DTAN
Emerging technology monitoring EMRG
Information assurance INAS
Information governance IRMG
Information security SCTY
Innovation INOV
Learning delivery ETDL
Learning design and development TMCR
Requirements definition and management REQM
Solution architecture ARCH