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#1386 Types and levels of testing change request deferred

Include distinctions between types of testing, the point in the lifecycle and scope of test

should testing skill reflect the breadth of types, scope and lifecycles associated with testing, e.g. Unit / development test, integration testing, Pen test, acceptance testing, and testing done as part of CORE?

Proposed change applies to Testing

Current status of this request: deferred

What we decided

review as part of SFIA 8 beta release

Matthew Burrows
Mar 11, 2021 08:32 AM

Probably not, as TEST is quite generic, representing a core specialism in testing generally. Elsewhere is SFIA we cover some specific applications of testing - for example acceptance testing is covered through BUAN (defining acceptance tests) and SEAC (approving the achievement of acceptance criteria), Penetration Testing is covered in PENT, unit/development testing is covered in PROG. We always have some duplication and overlap between different SFIA skills, which is why the guidance to users of SFIA is to find/use the skill which BEST describes the activity, and not to select all the skills that cover the activity.