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#10 Skill description in structured fashion change request deferred

It will be easy for reader of the SFIA framework document , if skill description is written in terms of bullet points and keywords are highlighted ..

If the skill description is expressed in terms of bullet points , it will be also good if keywords or (bullet expression) which differentiate the skill from other levels are highlighted e.g. if a skill is available from  level 3 to level 6 , it will be good if keywords pertaining to level 4 and above are highlighted so that it will be easy for assessor to convince candidate why he is assessed at level 3 and not higher(because he lacks skills represented by keywords) 

Also it will be good to arrange bullet points with high priority at the top and low priority at the bottom

Current status of this request: deferred

Evaluating this request

This is related to guidance for writing SFIA level descriptions - "put the most important, level defining phrase" first.

What we decided

These will be input to the SFIA 8 readability theme.

Peter Leather
Sep 03, 2017 05:00 PM

Many user organisations convert the skill descriptions paragraphs into bullet points - usually by making each sentence a bullet point.

An additional point is that writing skill descriptions in bullet point format is much easy and enables shorter statements without the padding of additional "joining words" or commas. So I think ease of understanding is improved using bullet points.

We also need to consider the amount of space taken up by bullet points and whether there will be "portability" issues if the skill descriptions included text formatting such as bullet points, highlighting (eg bold text)

On the point about differentiating between levels: regardless of formatting options - it should be a design principle that the wording itself should make the difference between levels clear (if we have instances in SFIA6 where this is not clear then those should be reworded).