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#1427 Enhancements to SCTY-3 from Cyber Security Technologist Apprenticeship Standard change request deferred

Enhancements to SCTY-3 from Cyber Security Technologist Apprenticeship Standard Reference ST0124

Statements to consider adding: SCTY-3

  •  Identify cyber vulnerabilities in a system to ensure security is maintained.
  •  Identify security threats and hazards to a system, service or processes to inform risk assessments and design of security features.
  •  Support cyber security risk assessments, cyber security audits and cyber security incident management.
  •  Develop security designs with design justification to meet the defined cyber security parameters.
  •  Manage cyber security operations processes in accordance with organisational policies and standards and business requirements.
  •  Analyse security requirements and develop a security case taking account of all applicable laws and regulations.
  •  Manage local response to non-major cyber security incidents.
  •  Integrate and correlate information from a variety of sources and form an informed judgement on whether or not an indicator constitutes a likely security incident/breach/intrusion.
  •  Design and implement security awareness campaigns.
  •  Participate in cyber war gaming and simulations to better understand cyber-attack and defence, rehearse responses, test and evaluate cyber security techniques.
  •  Develop information security policies to achieve security outcomes within a defined scope.
  •  Write reports, give verbal reports and presentations in the context of the cyber security role.
  •  Prevent security breaches using a variety of tools techniques and processes.

Proposed change applies to Information security

Current status of this request: deferred

What we decided

Skills have been updated and added for security including - INAS, SCTY, VUAS, THIN, PENT, SCAD. 

These statements should be checked against the proposed SFIA-8 skill descriptions.