#79 Create a glossary of SFIA terminology change request pending

It may be helpful to new or inexperienced SFIA users if we create and publish a glossary of SFIA related terms.

This can include explanations and definitions of SFIA related terms and jargon.

Also an opportunity to document synonyms of the terminology used in SFIA documentation to help people or organisations who have different ways of describing the same concept.

Finally this would also support a consistent use of terminology in the core SFIA skill descriptions.

Publication should be on the web site (it should also be good for SEO) and depending on size could be in the main reference guide or a standalone pdf file.

Current status of this request: pending

What we decided

Deferred. Consider as potential for development post SFIA7.

The SFIA7 guidance notes could form the first candudates for a glossary of terms.