#3 Audio Visual skills change request pending

A couple of user organisations and individuals have suggested that the AV aspects could be developed further.

Don't have any clear suggestions at this stage, but wanted to log the general area.

Current status of this request: pending

What we decided

Deferred.  Will be kept in the backlog of change requests and considered during continuous consultation.

Ian Seward says:
Nov 09, 2017 03:19 PM

Like to discuss this some more to understand the requirement:
To be a bit flippant to help clarify the requirement:
- Is this hacking some powerpoint?
- Is this connecting some infrastructure?
- Is this part of the soft skills around using AV for effective and persuasive communication?

Matthew Burrows says:
Feb 21, 2020 10:16 AM

Discussing this area with Daniel Roberts from LSE who has a potential focus group who could help define this area for SFIA8.