Demand management DEMM

The analysis and proactive management of business demand for new services or modifications to existing service features or volumes. Collaborating with the business to prioritise demand in order to improve business value. Developing and communicating insights into patterns of demand. Proposing responses to meet both short-term and long-term demand and facilitating decision making and planning. Integrating demand analysis and planning with complementary strategic, operational and change planning processes.

Moving to SFIA 8 

There is an updated version of this skill for SFIA 8. 

  • The skill descriptions have been edited for readability and guidance notes have been added 
  • Details available here - SFIA 8 Demand Management
  • SFIA 7 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use 
  • Previous SFIA assessments are not impacted by this change. 

Demand management: Level 5

Implements demand management analysis and planning activities. Provides advice to help stakeholders adopt and adhere to the agreed demand management approach. Performs what-if analyses and scenario planning; develops insights and proposals to improve business value. Manages the process of integrating demand management with complementary strategic, operational and change management processes. Reviews new business proposals; provides advice on demand issues and routes requests to the right place. Works with business representatives to agree and implement short-term and medium-term modifications to demand. Maintains a register of business requests, including the status of each request, reporting as required.

Demand management: Level 6

Defines the approach and sets policies for the discovery, analysis, planning, controlling and documentation of demand for services and products. Organises scoping and business priority setting for strategic business changes involving business policy-makers and direction setters. Engages with and influences senior stakeholders to improve the business value to be delivered from new or existing services and products. Leads the development of demand management capabilities and ensures decision making is informed by robust scenario planning and what-if analysis. Leads the integration of demand management with complementary strategic, operational and change management processes.