SFIA Foundation Level

The SFIA Foundation Level is not a formal accreditation. It may be used as an early 'stepping stone' towards accreditation at a higher level or to recognise SFIA awareness within an organisation.

This level is not formally accredited by the SFIA Foundation as a level of competence in using SFIA. However it is recognised as a level of awareness about the SFIA Framework and how SFIA may be used.

Mandatory requirements

This level has the following requirements:

  • SFIA training: satisfactorily completion of authorised SFIA Foundation-level training or higher
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of the underlying principles of SFIA
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding and familiarity with the structure of SFIA and its navigation

SFIA Levels of Responsibility

Foundation Level is a level of awareness and no particular level of responsibility is identified as a prerequisite.

Professional Skills

No specific SFIA Professional Skills are required for this level.