The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Listing of digital industry apprenticeships for England

The digital industry apprenticeships are listed below.  Each is shown within its associated pathway/role family.

Technical and Higher Technical occupational apprenticeships are usually delivered by colleges, employers or private training providers, whilst professional occupations are mostly delivered by institutes of higher education. 

Apprenticeship standards in italics are at the proposal stage.


Technical Occupations

Higher Technical Occupations

Professional Occupations

Digital Business Services

Data Technician

Data Analyst

Data Scientist (degree)

Digital Content Administrator

Data Architect

Artificial Intelligence Data Specialist


IS Business Analyst

Digital & Technology Solution Specialist


Digital Community Manager

Digital & Technology Solutions Professional (degree)


Digital Content Manager


Digital Production, Design and Development

Digital Front End Developer

DevOps Engineer

Computer Science/Software Engineer

Software Development Technician

Digital Accessibility Specialist (in development)

Creative Digital Design Professional


Games Designer

Digital User Experience Professional


Gaming Audio Engineer



Software Developer



Software Tester



Video Games Quality Assurance Technician


Digital Support and Services

Cyber Security Technician

Cyber Intrusion Analyst

Cyber Security Technical Professional (degree)

Digital Device Repair Technician (in development)

Cyber Security Technologist


Digital Support Technician

Network Engineer


Information Communication Technician

Unified Communications Troubleshooter


IT Solutions Technician

Computer Systems Analyst


Network Cable Installer



Radio Network Technician (in development)



Unified Communications Technician



Digital Related from other Pathways


IT Technical Salesperson




Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketer (degree)

Customer Service

Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service Manager



Customer Service Practitioner