APS Digital Career Pathways

The Australian Public Service Commission and the Digital Transformation Agency use SFIA to underpin aspects of their Capability Development throughout Australian Public Sector.


The Australian Federal Government has embarked on a wide-ranging capability improvement programme.

They are using the SFIA Framework alongside their own behaviour framework.

  • they have a multi-year public sector SFIA licence covering some 96 government departments and all IT resources within.

This programme is being jointly led by the Australian Public Service Commission and the Digital Transformation Agency.

Key activities in their work to date include...

  • the identification of Digital Transformation Roles,
  • the definition of these roles using SFIA and their behavioural values
  • career paths to enable more structured career advancement.

Currently 149 roles have been defined.

In October 2020 - the Digital Transformation Agency published a Public Alpha Prototype of a tool called APS Career Pathfinder.

The Programme

The future of work is learning

The future of digital career pathways in the APS

APS Digital Career Pathways

Roles are defined according to...

  • the skills - using SFIA where relevant,

  • knowledge — using a simple magnitude scale,

  • behaviors — using the APS Work Level Standards.

Additional details include:

  • a brief description of each role or discipline
  • a mapping to the APS Job Family Model
  • alternative names the roles may have.