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SFIA skill profiles for APS Career Pathfinder

A listing of the SFIA skills mapped to around 200 APS Career Pathfinder roles.

The APS Digital Career Pathways dataset contains the role definitions for typical roles in the Australian Public Service (APS). You can use these definitions to determine potential career pathways and identify skills gaps in digital disciplines in the APS.

They have defined roles according to...

  • the skills —using SFIA and other skills frameworks where relevant,
  • knowledge — using a simple magnitude scale,
  • behaviors — using the APS Work Level Standards.

The roles with SFIA skills profiles are listed below (accessed 8th September 2022).

  • 3 examples provided here - for DevOps engineers.
  • The mapping of SFIA skills to all the roles is available on the APS Career Pathfinder.
  SFIA Levels
  Senior DevOps Engineer DevOps Engineer Junior DevOps Engineer
Systems development management DLMG 5    
Availability management AVMT 4 4
Systems design DESN 5 4
Methods and tools METL 5 4 3
Systems integration and build SINT 5 4 2
Programming/Software development PROG


3 2

Full list of SFIA skills profiles

Job family Job family function Job family role Name
Communications and Marketing Creative Design Creative/Visual or Graphic Designer / Illustrator Junior Visual Communication Designer
Senior Visual Communication Designer
Visual Communication Designer
Writing and Editing Communication Officer (Authoring/ Proofreading) Content Designer
Content Writer
Lead Content Designer
Data and Research Research Business Analyst Associate Business Analyst
Business Analysis Practice Lead
Business Analyst
Junior Pega Analyst
Lead Business Analyst
Lead Pega Analyst
Pega Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Pega Analyst
Researcher Research Designer
User Researcher Junior Research Analyst
Junior User Researcher
Lead User Researcher
Quantitative Research Analyst
Quantitative Researcher
Research Support Officer
User Research Recruiter
User Researcher
User Researcher Director
ICT and Digital Solutions IT Business Management Enterprise Architect Chief Architect
Enterprise Architect
Principal Enterprise Architect
IT Architect Application Architect
Associate Business Architect
Business Architect
Data Architect
Infrastructure Architect
Lead Application Architect
Lead Business Architect
Lead Data Architect
Lead Infrastructure Architect
Service Delivery Service Manager Experience Owner
Solutions Development Systems Analyst Associate Systems Analyst
Lead Systems Analyst
Senior Systems Analyst
Systems Analyst
ICT and Digital Solutions  IT Business Management ICT Quality Assurance Engineer Quality Coach
IT Architect Lead Security Architect
Lead Technology Architect
Principal Solution Architect
RPA Architect
RPA Lead
Security Architect
Senior Solution Architect
Solution Architect
Technology Architect
Product Manager Product Manager
Service Delivery ICT Infrastructure Officer Cloud Service Manager
Infrastructure Engineer
Junior Infrastructure Engineer
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Service Manager Senior Service Management Officer
Senior Service Manager
Senior Service Manager Expert
Service Management Officer
Service Manager
Service Manager Expert
Service Support Helpdesk/Support Officer Associate Service Desk Analyst
Senior Service Desk Analyst
Senior Service Desk Manager
Service Desk Analyst
Service Desk Assistant
Service Desk Manager
Solutions Development Automation Tester Automation Tester
Junior Automation Tester
Senior Automation Tester
Automation/AI/RPA Developer Junior RPA Developer
RPA Developer
Senior RPA Developer
Development and Programming Associate Software Engineer
Junior Pega Developer
Lead Pega Developer
Pega Developer
Principal Software Engineer
Senior Pega Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer
DevOps Engineer DevOps Engineer
Junior DevOps Engineer
Senior DevOps Engineer
Interaction Designer Interaction Designer
Lead Interaction Designer
RPA Analyst RPA Analyst
Systems Analyst Lead RPA Process Controller
RPA Process Controller
Senior RPA Process Controller
Technology Architect  Pega Business Architect
Pega Technical Architect
Solutions Implementation Systems Integration and Deployment Officer Release Train Engineer
Test Analyst/Tester/Performance Tester Data Migration Tester
Junior Test Analyst
Performance Tester
Senior Performance Tester
Senior Test Analyst
Test Analyst
Test Lead
Test Manager
Information and Knowledge Management Librarians Library Support Professional Research Librarian
Intelligence Security Cyber Security Analyst Cyber Threat Analyst
Intrusion Analyst
Lead Cyber Threat Analyst
Lead Intrusion Analyst
Lead Malware Analyst
Malware Analyst
Principal Cyber Threat Analyst
Principal Intrusion Analyst
Principal Malware Analyst
Senior Cyber Threat Analyst
Senior Intrusion Analyst
Senior Malware Analyst
Cyber Security Architect Cyber Advisor
Lead Cyber Advisor
Lead Vulnerability Researcher
Principal Cyber Advisor
Principal Vulnerability Researcher
Senior Cyber Advisor
Senior Vulnerability Researcher
Vulnerability Researcher
Cyber Security Operations Specialist Incident Responder
Lead Incident Responder
Lead Operations Coordinator
Operations Coordinator
Principal Incident Responder
Principal Operations Coordinator
Senior Incident Responder
Senior Operations Coordinator
Cyber Security Tester Lead Penetration Tester
Lead Vulnerability Assessor
Penetration Tester
Principal Penetration Tester
Principal Vulnerability Assessor
Senior Penetration Tester
Senior Vulnerability Assessor
Vulnerability Assessor
Monitoring and Audit Risk  Risk Management Officer/ Risk Manager Risk Manager
Portfolio, Program and Project Management Design Strategic Design Officer Content Strategist
Design Director
Design Officer
Lead Content Strategist
Lead Service Designer
Senior User Interface Designer
Service Design Director
Service Designer
User Interface Designer
Evaluation Performance Analysis & Reporting / Benefits Realisation Officer Value Manager
Portfolio Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager
Program Program Manager Program Manager
Program Support Officer Project Officer
Project Support Officer
Senior Project Officer
SCRUM Master Scrum Master
Project Agile Coach Agile Coach
Change Manager Change Manager
Product Owner Product Owner
Project Manager Delivery Manager
Lead Delivery Manager
Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Project Reporting Officer PMO Assurance Officer
Senior Executive Chief Executive/Statutory Office Holder Group Manager/Branch Manager/ Executive Manager Head of RPA
RPA Manager
Service Delivery Program Delivery Specialist Adviser Accessibility Practitioner
Lead Accessibility Advisor