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Artificial intelligence and machine learning skills - SFIA 8 approach

Investigation and consultation to describe how SFIA is used to support artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) jobs, skills profiles, roles, professional development and career paths.

There are several activities planned to support this. If you have some ideas or you can help please contact the SFIA Updates Manager.

Disclaimer: The SFIA 8 project depends on contributions from volunteers.

While the SFIA Foundation does commit to delivering updates to the core SFIA framework (SFIA skills, skills and level descriptions, generics).

We cannot commit to all activities listed below without volunteer effort.

SFIA 8 consultation activities

  1. Collate AI/ML related Change requests
  2. Capture basic level of research to reflect foundation knowledge on AI/ML in SFIA eco-system.
    • SFIA is not the source for in-depth knowledge about AI/ML but relating what SFIA offers to a foundational level of knowledge of the topic seems important.
    • This will help SFIA users adopt and adapt.
  3. Research on AI skills gaps - papers, secondary research ideally from existing partners.
    • At this stage it is not clear that there is a single AI/ML body of knowledge to refer to.
  4. Identify real-world jobs related to AI/ML
    • Job postings are a good, publicly available source – there may be other sources.
  5. Categorise and group types of jobs / uses cases/ responsibilities for AI/ML
  6. SFIA framework fit-gap analysis
    • (SFIA skills, skills and level descriptions, generics)
  7. SFIA eco-system fit-gap analysis
    • (views, framework mappings, guidance, profiles)

AI/ML related change requests

Peter Leather, SFIA Updates Manager