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User experience analysis UNAN

The identification, analysis, clarification and communication of the context of use in which applications will operate, and of the goals of products, systems or services. Analysis and prioritisation of stakeholders’ user experience needs and definition of required system, product or service attributes, behaviour and performance. The definition and management of user experience and user accessibility requirements for all potential users.

Moving to SFIA 8 

There is an updated version of this skill for SFIA 8. 

  • SFIA 7 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use 
  • Previous SFIA assessments are not impacted by this change. 


Defined at these levels: 3 4 5

User experience analysis: Levels 1-2

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

User experience analysis: Level 3

Creates and describes personas to represent key user segments. Describes users’ goals and tasks and the environment within which the system, product or service will be used. Selects appropriate techniques for the elicitation of detailed user experience requirements. Identifies and defines user experience and user accessibility requirements. Works with stakeholders to prioritise requirements and resolve conflicts.

User experience analysis: Level 4

Identifies and describes the user objectives for systems, products and services.

Identifies the roles of affected stakeholder groups. Defines the required behaviour and performance of the system, product or service in terms of the total user experience, resolving potential conflicts between differing user requirements. Specifies measurable criteria for the required usability and accessibility of the system, products and services.

User experience analysis: Level 5

Determines the approaches to be used to analyse, clarify and communicate the user experience, users' characteristics and tasks, and the technical, social, organisational and physical environment in which systems, products or services will operate. Plans and drives user experience and accessibility analysis activities providing expert advice and guidance to support adoption of agreed approaches.

User experience analysis: Levels 6-7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.