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Organisational capability development OCDV

The provision of leadership, advice and implementation support to assess organisational capabilities and to identify, prioritise and implement improvements. The selection, adoption and integration of appropriate industry frameworks and models to guide improvements. The systematic use of capability maturity assessments, metrics, process definition, process management, repeatability and the introduction of appropriate techniques, tools and enhanced skills. The delivery of an integrated people, process and technology solution to deliver improved organisational performance in line with organisation's strategic plans and objectives. The scope of improvement is organisational but may also be highly focussed as necessary for example software development, systems development, project delivery or service improvement.

Moving to SFIA 8 

There is an updated version of this skill for SFIA 8. 

  • SFIA 7 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use 
  • Previous SFIA assessments are not impacted by this change. 


Defined at these levels: 5 6 7

Organisational capability development: Levels 1-4

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

Organisational capability development: Level 5

Develops and maintains a detailed knowledge of capability improvement approaches and techniques and selects appropriate approaches for the organisation. Contributes effectively to identifying new areas of capability improvement within the organisation which may be enhancements to skills, technology or processes. Carries out capability improvement assignments, such as maturity or performance assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses. Selects and prioritises improvement opportunities, generates buy-in and plans improvement activities justified by measurable organisational benefits. Mentors and supports localised continuous improvement activities.

Organisational capability development: Level 6

Leads substantial improvement programmes. Seeks out, identifies, proposes, and initiates capability improvement activities within the organisation typically driven by the need to enhance performance, satisfy new business opportunities or to respond to external drivers. Selects frameworks, approaches and techniques for use. Plans and manages the evaluation or assessment of organisational capabilities. Devises solutions and leads change initiatives including communication, transition and implementation activities. Takes action to exploit opportunities to deliver measurable, beneficial impacts upon operational effectiveness. Monitors international, national, and sector trends in order to establish the needed capability.

Organisational capability development: Level 7

Represents and leads organisational capability improvement at the highest level. Determines the need for strategic organisation-level capability improvement to satisfy the strategic goals and long-term objectives of the organisation. Liaises with the organisation's functions to establish requirements and identifies, proposes, initiates and leads significant organisational capability improvement programmes. Manages the quality and appropriateness of the work performed and delivers measurable business benefits. Adopts and/or modifies existing capability improvement approaches as necessary.