The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Digital forensics DGFS

The collection, processing, preserving, analysis, and presentation of forensic evidence based on the totality of findings including computer-related evidence in support of security vulnerability mitigation and/or criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, or law enforcement investigations.

Moving to SFIA 8 

  • A new level 3 has been added for SFIA 8 based on use of this skill in the workplace and demand from industry placements
  • This also supports employability by introducing an entry level career step
  • Level 4 also amended to ensure clear gap between the new level 3 and level 4
  • The existing skill descriptions have also been edited for readability and guidance notes have been added 
  • Details available here - SFIA 8 Digital forensics 
  • SFIA 7 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use 
  • Previous SFIA assessments may be impacted by this change. 


Defined at these levels: 4 5 6

Digital forensics: Levels 1-3

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

Digital forensics: Level 4

Contributes to digital forensic investigations. Processes and analyses evidence in line with policy, standards and guidelines and supports production of forensics findings and reports.

Digital forensics: Level 5

Conducts investigations to correctly gather, analyse and present the totality of findings including digital evidence to both business and legal audiences. Collates conclusions and recommendations and presents forensics findings to stakeholders. Contributes to the development of policies, standards and guidelines.

Digital forensics: Level 6

Sets policies and standards and guidelines for how the organisation conducts digital forensic investigations. Leads and manages complex investigations engaging additional specialists if required. Authorises the release of formal forensics reports.

Digital forensics: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.