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Systems development management DLMG

The management of resources in order to plan, estimate and carry out programmes of solution development work to time, budget and quality targets and in accordance with appropriate standards, methods and procedures (including secure software development).The facilitation of improvements by changing approaches and working practices, typically using recognised models, best practices, standards and methodologies. The provision of advice, assistance and leadership in improving the quality of software development, by focusing on process definition, management, repeatability and measurement.


Defined at these levels: 5 6 7

Systems development management: Levels 1-4

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

Systems development management: Level 5

Defines solution development projects which support the organisation's objectives and plans. Ensures that senior management is both aware of and able to provide the required resources. Contributes effectively to improving solution development processes within the organisation justified by measurable business benefits. Facilitates availability and optimum utilisation of resources, especially in Agile projects. Monitors and reports on the progress of development projects, ensuring that projects are carried out in accordance with agreed standards, methods and procedures (including secure software development). Applies secure development improvement practices.

Systems development management: Level 6

Sets policy and standards for solution development projects. Promotes the benefits of addressing all security issues during solution development and ensures secure development improvement practices. Identifies, proposes, and initiates software process improvement activities within the organisation, devising solutions. Takes action to exploit opportunities that will have a measurable effect on process effectiveness, with associated benefits to the business. Identifies and manages the resources necessary for all stages (planning, estimation, execution) of solution development projects, ensuring that technical, financial and quality targets are met.

Systems development management: Level 7

Sets strategy for resource management within solution development, authorises the allocation of resources for solution development programmes, and maintains an overview of the contribution of such programmes to organisational success. Continuously seeks to improve solution development processes and/or develops new approaches to achieving improvement. Liaises with client functions to establish business requirements and identifies, proposes, initiates and leads significant solution development programmes. Manages the quality and appropriateness of the work performed and delivers measurable business benefits.