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SFIA website improvements June 2020

SFIA website improvements June 2020

A summary of the improvements we have made to the SFIA website.

We updated the home page of the website in January 2020. This was well received. We have now implemented a wider set of improvements.

SFIA views are now available in the “skills at a glance” format...

We have added a filter function to make it easier to find people and organisations who can help you...

  • the network of SFIA partners and specialist consultants/practitioners continues to grow - both in numbers and geographically
  • this is excellent news and shows the global footprint of SFIA
  • but it has made it harder for users to find the right  people and organisations via the website - the filter function addresses this
  • we will encourage partners and consultants to add richer content to their pages on the site. This helps them promote their products and services more effectively.

A site search box is now available at the top of every page.

We have refined the colour scheme, the page layout and the navigation...

  • to make it easier to find what you need
  • to align to the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • to work better across different devices

We have added additional signposting and navigation for the different versions of SFIA...

  • the website continues to list older versions of SFIA which we know is important for many of our users
  • however some search engine results pages direct users to older versions instead of the current version
  • the new signposting makes it clearer which version of SFIA you are looking at and easier to navigate directly to the current version of the framework (SFIA 7)

We have migrated all content to the new site...

  • we have changed the menu structure to make it easier to find what you need. This changes the url for many pages.
  • we have set up re-directs to the most visited pages. However - you may need to update your bookmarks for some pages.
  • if you can’t find something try the new site search box. If you still need help please contact us.

We have upgraded the supporting code base...

  • we have migrated the site to Plone 5-series in place of 4.3
  • the underlying code base migrated to Python 3 (from Python 2 - which is now obsolete)