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SFIA View: Big data/Data science view

Big data/Data science view

We have designed SFIA to be flexible. SFIA users have developed this view of SFIA to provide a quick start identification of the SFIA skills which are most relevant to big data/data science

SFIA provides a common language throughout the people and skills management cycle.  This improves communication and understanding for all involved e.g. business and technology leaders, front-line managers, employees, HR, learning and development, students and academic institutions.

Big data/data science skills at a glance

The skills at a glance page provides a one-page summary of the SFIA Big data/Data science related skills and competency levels.

How to use the big data/data science view

We have also published advice and guidance to help you use SFIA and the big data/data science view. These pages are in English only.

As with all applications of SFIA; you should consider the big data/data science view against your specific organisational context and business objectives.

  • The intention is not to draw a hard boundary around these skills or to imply that other SFIA skills are not appropriate.
  • When you are familiar with this view - it is likely that you will refer to the full SFIA framework for additional and complementary skill definitions.