Licensing SFIA

To use SFIA you need a licence. Most SFIA use is free-of-charge with only a modest fee for use by large organisations and organisations using SFIA externally or on a commercial basis.

As a not-for-profit foundation, all fees received are reinvested to continuously develop the SFIA Framework and to support the global SFIA Ecosystem.

General Terms and Conditions apply to all use, which is then modified by the selected licence.

You can access the SFIA Framework without registering to browse online and this enables organisations to provide links to SFIA content where required.  Registering as a user gives you access to print-focused guides and spreadsheets, and allows you to join in discussion on future SFIA extensions.

Benefits of registering for use

In addition to browsing online or enabling links, by registering as a SFIA user and selecting the appropriate licence you have the following benefits:

  • Access to the SFIA Complete Reference Guide for download
  • Access to other SFIA resources
  • You may be informed of important updates to the SFIA Framework and SFIA Resources
  • You may be consulted on updates to future versions of the SFIA Framework and other SFIA Resources

Once you have registered and chosen the SFIA licence you need, you can access all of the SFIA materials. 

You can browse SFIA online

Browsing online allows you to see the complete SFIA Framework:

  • All professional skills, each with an overall definition, and with differential definitions at the levels at which the skill is recognised.
  • This information is supported by introductory material, and by generic definitions of the seven standard levels of attainment.

The browsable information is available in all the languages shown at the top of this page.

You can download SFIA publications

While the SFIA summary chart is available for download without registering, all other SFIA resources are available once you have registered on the site and logged in.  These resources include a number of files including:

  • SFIA Framework Reference Guide: the complete SFIA information: the same information as in the browsable web pages
  • Summary chart: a single sheet showing skills and levels diagrammatically (size: A3, 420 mm x 297 mm)
  • SFIA Framework as a spreadsheet: to build into your own internal management framework
  • Additional guidance material that is made available 

The chart and reference guide are available in all the languages shown at the top of this page.

Choosing a licence

The SFIA Foundation is a global not-for-profit foundation. The majority of individuals and organisations use SFIA under a free-of-charge licence. Modest fees are charged for use of SFIA by large organisations and for commercial exploitation.

Corporate user licence

The licence for internal use of SFIA as a management resource by a single company or government department to help manage the skills of its staff.

Rate Card licences

The SFIA licence for organisations that use SFIA in a rate card for the supply or hire of personnel, or resource-based services.

Standard Fees

While most use of SFIA is free of charge, some fees may be due where there is commercial exploitation or costs incurred by the Foundation.