SFIA Specialist

Liane Taylor

Liane is an accredited SFIA Consultant and Workplace and Business Coach with extensive professional experience in skills and capability development and implementation, training and facilitation for IT.
Liane Taylor

Liane Taylor is a specialist consultant based in Australia

About Liane Taylor

An experienced advisor and facilitator, Liane has a talent and passion for building organisation performance through developing the strengths of the people in the business, and the key practices that support performance management.

Liane has extensive knowledge and application of the SFIA framework, including advisory work, skills assessments, job design, career pathway development, process improvement, training and workshops, and managed service support for the design and delivery of digital transformation activities. 

Liane has over 15 years’ experience working in the IT sector across federal and state governments, commercial and non-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Industries include (not limited to): higher education (universities), health, shared services for government, retail and logistics. 

Contact: Liane Taylor

E liane_taylor@bigpond.com

M + 61 (0) 488 221 525 - Australia

M + 64 (0) 212 057 232 – New Zealand

Base: Sydney Australia

Area Served: Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific