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Who uses SFIA?

SFIA users and how they use SFIA.


A natural question for current and potential users of SFIA is "who else uses it?".

We would love to provide a comprehensive answer to that question, but the truth is that the SFIA Foundation does not record or track usage of the framework. 

We published some information on SFIA usage in this news item.

Why doesn't the SFIA Foundation maintain and publish a full list of SFIA users?

  • Organisations can access the SFIA framework material easily with no need to inform the Foundation how they use it. People and organisations from around 180 countries have done this already
  • Data protection and privacy regulations limits the information the SFIA Foundation gathers and what information we can share publicly
  • The SFIA Foundation is a lean, not-for-profit organisation. It does not have the resources to actively manage relationships with organisations across the world to collect large-scale usage data for promotional purposes
  • SFIA is designed to be a  flexible resource. We know of many instances in which organisations are using SFIA material but it is not labelled or branded as SFIA. e.g. the SFIA skill definitions have been copied into company documents or software applications. The result is that there are many people and organisations who use SFIA but don't know they are using SFIA. 
  • Many organisations are introduced to SFIA via third party consultancies and software tools providers and the SFIA Foundation may not be aware of their existence.
  • SFIA is frequently used as a change programme / project resource (e.g. for an organisational re-design). These can have a definite end-point - at which teams are disbanded and the use of SFIA is not recorded further.
  • In the early days of SFIA - annual conferences were held locally to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst user organisations. The SFIA user base is now global, and the SFIA Foundation does not have the resources to deliver a conference on the scale required.

Types of SFIA Users

A summary of SFIA user types is listed below and there is also a detailed description of the users and use cases off SFIA.

LinkedIn group for SFIA users

There is an online self-help group of users and consultants – the SFIA User Forum (external web site).

SFIA Slideshare

Slides from previous conferences and other sources are hosted on Slideshare.

Get in touch

If you are a SFIA user and are able to share information on how you use SFIA then please