The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Summary of changes in SFIA 7

Changes to the framework between SFIA versions 6 and 7

SFIA skills Overall Skill summary Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Affects assessment criteria?
Analytics INAN H H     H H H H No
Animation development ADEV       No
Application support ASUP       No
Asset management ASMG M   NEW NEW   Yes
Availability management AVMT         No
Benefits management BENM L L         L L   No
Business analysis BUAN L L       L L L   No
Business modelling BSMO     No
Business process improvement BPRE H H         H H H No
Business process testing BPTS         No
Business risk management BURM       No
Capacity management CPMG M M       L M M   No
Change implementation planning and management CIPM           No
Change management CHMG     No
Competency assessment LEDA H H     M M H H   Yes
Configuration management CFMG H H     M H H H   No
Conformance review CORE L         L     No
Consultancy CNSL         No
Continuity management COPL M L       M L     No
Contract management ITCM         No
Customer service support CSMG M M       M M M   No
Data management DATM M       H H H   No
Data modelling and design DTAN M M   L L L M     No
Data visualisation VISL NEW NEW       NEW NEW     Yes
Database administration DBAD L M       M M     No
Database design DBDS H M   DELETE H H H DELETE   Yes
Demand management DEMM NEW NEW         NEW NEW   Yes
Digital forensics DGFS L L       L L L   No
Emerging technology monitoring EMRG H H       H H H   No
Enterprise and business architecture STPL L         L No
Enterprise IT governance GOVN H H         M H H No
Facilities management DCMA       No
Financial management FMIT         No
Hardware design HWDE         No
Incident management USUP       No
Information assurance INAS         No
Information content authoring INCA M M M M M M L L   No
Information content publishing INPM M M M M M M M   No
Information governance IRMG M       H M M L No
Information security SCTY     No
Information systems coordination ISCO           No
Innovation INOV H H         H H NEW No
IT infrastructure ITOP L L L L L       No
IT management ITMG L         L L No
Knowledge management KNOW NEW NEW     NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW No
Learning and development management ETMG     No
Learning delivery ETDL M     M M     No
Learning design and development TMCR H     NEW H H DELETE   No
Marketing MKTG M L   M M M M M   No
Measurement MEAS NEW NEW     NEW NEW NEW NEW   No
Methods and tools METL H H     NEW H H M   No
Network design NTDS           No
Network planning NTPL           No
Network support NTAS       No
Organisation design and implementation ORDI H H         H H NEW Yes
Organisational capability development OCDV NEW NEW       NEW NEW NEW   No
Penetration testing PENT         No
Performance management PEMT M       M M   Yes
Portfolio management POMG         No
Portfolio, programme and project support PROF     No
Porting/software configuration PORT       No
Problem management PBMG         No
Product management PROD H H     H H H H   No
Professional development PDSV         No
Programme management PGMG           No
Programming/software development PROG H M   M M M H NEW   Yes
Project management PRMG L L       L L L No
Quality assurance QUAS H H     H H H H   Yes
Quality management QUMG M M     NEW H H M M Yes
Radio frequency engineering RFEN     No
Real time/embedded systems development RESD NEW NEW     NEW NEW NEW NEW   No
Relationship management RLMT M H       M M M M No
Release and deployment RELM L L         L L   No
Requirements definition and management REQM H H   H H H H H   No
Research RSCH M M   M M M M M   No
Resourcing RESC         No
Safety assessment SFAS           No
Safety engineering SFEN       No
Sales support SSUP   No
Security administration SCAD   No
Selling SALE         No
Service acceptance SEAC         No
Service level management SLMO   tbc
Software design SWDN NEW NEW   NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW   Yes
Solution architecture ARCH M L       NEW M   Yes
Sourcing SORC M   M M M M M M Yes
Specialist advice TECH M M       M M M   Yes
Storage management STMG L L     L L L L   No
Strategic planning ITSP M M         L L L No
Supplier management SUPP NEW NEW   NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW   Yes
Sustainability SUST H H       L H H   Yes
System software SYSP         No
Systems design DESN H M   DELETE DELETE M M M   Yes
Systems development management DLMG M M         M M M No
Systems installation/decommissioning HSIN     No
Systems integration and build SINT H H   H H H H H   No
Teaching and subject formation TEAC               No
Testing TEST   No
User experience analysis UNAN H M     H H H     No
User experience design HCEV H H   DELETE H H H H   Yes
User experience evaluation USEV M L   M M M M H   No
User research URCH NEW NEW     NEW NEW NEW NEW   Yes


NEW New in SFIA 7
H High level of change in SFIA 7
M Significant change in SFIA 7
L Minor change in SFIA 7
DELETE  Deleted: not present in SFIA 7