The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

User experience analysis UNAN

The identification, analysis, clarification and communication of the context of use in which applications will operate, and of the goals of products, systems or services. Analysis and prioritisation of stakeholders’ “user experience” needs and definition of required system behaviour and performance. Resolution of potential conflicts between user requirements and determination of usability objectives


Defined at these levels: 3 4 5

User experience analysis: Levels 1-2

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

User experience analysis: Level 3

Identifies and engages with users/ stakeholders, defines relevant characteristics (e.g. “personas”) and describes users goals and tasks (e.g. as “user stories”). Describes the environment within which the system will be used. Identifies and describes requirements of users with special needs (e.g. resulting from physical disabilities).

User experience analysis: Level 4

Analyses qualitative data (e.g. from site visits) and presents the data in ways that can be used to drive design (e.g. personas, red routes, user journey maps). Describes the user/ stakeholder objectives for the system, and identifies the roles of affected stakeholder groups. Defines the required behaviour and performance of the system in terms of the total use experience (e.g. in the form of scenarios of use), resolving potential conflicts between user requirements, (e.g. between accuracy and speed).Specifies measurable criteria for the required usability of the system.

User experience analysis: Level 5

Analyses the implications of the context of use for system development. Advises on tools and methods to be used and clarifies and communicates the user experience, users' characteristics and tasks, and the technical, organisational and physical environment in which products or systems will operate. Advises on interpretation of the organisation’s branding for new digital environments.

User experience analysis: Levels 6-7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.