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October 2020 - SFIA 8 consultation update

October 2020 - SFIA 8 consultation update

A 2 minute update on the SFIA 8 consultation - and a reminder of how you can get involved.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning...
  • SFIA is well placed to support a full lifecycle view for AI/ML - build, train, deploy, evaluate, tune
  • We are investigating SFIA 7 skills such as Analytics (INAN) - with potential to refine and extend these for AI/ML focussed skills
  • SFIA 7 has a rich set of already-defined skills which support the development and deployment of AI/ML solutions.
    • e.g. skills for data management, data governance, devops, security, testing, quality assurance, service management, technical governance, business change management 

Scientific and High-performance Computing...

  • A working group from the Australian Public Sector is looking at this specialist area
  • We will share the results of these investigations and any proposals for change

Service management skills and roles...

  • The aim of this theme is to review evolving practices e.g. those described in ITIL 4 and SIAM models
  • We have created a draft mapping of ITIL® 4 practice areas to SFIA skills
  • Thanks to Trevor Jinks, David Wynack, Simon Roller, Barry Corless, Michael Davies for progressing this
  • This page also lists generic service management roles.
  • We plan to create complementary service management SFIA skills profiles.
  • These will be published alongside our growing set of standard industry skills profiles. 


  • The SFIA framework provides a comprehensive  reference relating to industry skills and competencies
  • The aim of this theme is to make this information easy to read and to navigate
  • Improved readability also helps translation from English into other languages (SFIA is currently available in 10 languages)
  • Thanks to Susan McCarthy, Amanda Robinson, Peter Leeson, Steve Dusting, Ernest Stabek, Andy Andrews, Andy Thomson, Miroslav Pavlovic who have volunteered to help so far


  • We are looking at enhancing the initial SFIA levels (level 1, 2 and 3) to better describe levels of competency at entry level.
  • This will help bridge the gap between education, employment and apprenticeships
  • We will be meeting with the leaders of the CC2020 initiative to see how SFIA can support it's aims  

Computing Curricula 2020 (CC2020) is a joint project launched by professional computing societies to examine the current curricular guidelines for academic
degree programs in computing and provide a vision for the future of computing.  

Testing skills...

Soft skills in SFIA...

  • This work has generated a lot of interest and positive feedback.
  • We will be using this analysis to support further investigations such as ...

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Peter  Leather

SFIA Updates Manager & SFIA 8 Project Manager