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May 2021 - SFIA 8 consultation update

May 2021 - SFIA 8 consultation update

A 2 minute update on the SFIA 8 consultation - and a reminder of how you can get involved.

Estimated reading time - 1 min, 35 secs.

SFIA 8 beta publication...

  • we will publish a beta version of SFIA 8 - on June 15th/16th
  • this provides an early version of SFIA 8 that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete
  • We are making this publicly available to SFIA users for testing and feedback.
  • The beta will be focused on the content of the framework - published on the website
  • At this stage the supporting documentation will be basic in nature - just enough to help testing and feedback
  • The beta will be published in the English language only

Webinars for SFIA 8 beta publication..

  • We are planning a number of webinars to support publication 
  • We will provide a summary of what’s in the beta and how you can use it and help test it and provide feedback

Completing the beta publication...

  • This part of the project is very busy
  • Effort over the next 2-3 weeks will focus on...
    • Completing tasks where we know what we need to do
    • Making decisions where we have a number of options
  • At this stage of the project we have a number of volunteers and interested parties reviewing, providing input and finalising content
  • For some sectors of the industry
    • we come across a number of competing options in how the SFIA framework can model the skills required
    • our aim is for a flexible design which doesn’t favour a particular methodology but enables most organisations and industry professionals to make use of the framework

What to look out for in the beta...

  • Expansion of SFIA into new disciplines
  • Updating of SFIA skills (new or revised) to reflect industry developments
  • Restructuring SFIA skills to provide greater flexibility in their use e.g. for skills assessments, mapping skills to roles/jobs
  • A focus on improving the readability of the framework
  • Evolution not revolution – SFIA has a long heritage of use and a very large world-wide base of day to day users. We always aim to make the new versions of SFIA recognisable and easy to use.

SFIA 8 change log...

  • the change log is a key part of the beta release
  • this summarises the latest view of what will be in SFIA 8
  • please browse the log and bookmark the page for future reference

Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager & SFIA 8 Project Manager