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December 2020 - SFIA 8 consultation update

December 2020 - SFIA 8 consultation update

A 3 minute update on the SFIA 8 consultation - and a reminder of how you can get involved.

Estimated reading time - 3 min, 6 sec.

First of all - many thanks to all who have contributed to SFIA 8 so far - it's a community effort and all your help is much appreciated.

This is December's monthly update - published in January to avoid a busy holiday period for many of our community.

Two headline topics for this month - Service Design and the SFIA 8 webinar

  1. Many thanks to the group of service designers who have rapidly put their heads together to develop some great material in support of SFIA 8 review of service design. 
    • a definition of the scope of service design - covering more than IT service design
    • a list of useful industry resources which support that definition
    • and a mapping of the typical SFIA skills needed for Service Designer roles and people
    • this is work in progress and your feedback is welcome
  2. SFIA 8 update webinar
    • we held a webinar in December to provide updates on SFIA and the SFIA 8 project in particular.
    • the webinar is 1 hour of great content and valuable background detail
    • however - I know the SFIA community are busy people so I have created a 2 minute summary version below
    • each of the images below is clickable - taking you directly to the video to hear more detail  
    • the webinar is hosted on the SFIA Foundation YouTube channel - we plan to grow the channel so please subscribe.
    • the slides are available for download at the bottom of this page

SFIA 8 Update Webinar - December 2020

SFIA - the global framework ...

  • we know that we have users of the framework in around 180 countries
  • even though seats for the webinar were limited - we did invite people from 30 countries to join

2020 Future of Jobs survey  ...

  • a recent survey for the World Economic Forum is very revealing
  • most of the in-demand jobs use the competencies described in SFIA 

SFIA - the global framework - available in 10 languages …

  • SFIA 7 published in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Canadian-French … and English
  • and 3 more are in preparation … Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese and Russian

The core purpose of SFIA is to support human capital development...

  • The framework does not exist in isolation - it supports the complete lifecycle for people and skills management

 There is more to SFIA than the core framework ...

  • The global SFIA eco-system has grown significantly 
  • Driven by user-demand and for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

You can access the global ecosystem using the SFIA website ...

  • New content and functionality is regularly added to the SFIA website
  • The free tools and resources available has grown significantly 

Track record of open consultation and wide collaboration​ ...

  • in use for more than 20 years
  • global demand has grown organically 
  • and the update process is open, collaborative and transparent

Putting the community first​ ...

Two parts to the operating model of the SFIA Foundation...

  1. the user community which uses SFIA and shapes its future development
  2. a slim, not-for-profit administration layer to oversee development of the framework and ecosystem

Accredited SFIA consultants and partners provide expertise, training, implementation support and tools.

Timeline for SFIA 8 ...

  • publication of SFIA 8 is planned for Q3 2021
  • with a beta release in Q2 2021

Global consultation in progress​ ...

  • we have had many inputs and ideas
  • the level of engagement and contribution is broader and higher than ever 
  • everyone welcome to take part

SFIA 8 - the types of deliverables​ ...

  1. updates to the core framework 
  2. new or updated tools and resources to develop knowledge and help adoption

Status of key themes for SFIA 8 ...

  • community work on key themes has been prioritised 
  • the project is now starting to move from discovery to prototyping and implementing

SFIA in the Australian Public Service (APS)

SFIA 8 - Computational science ...

  • summary of proposed updates to the core framework and tools and resources

SFIA 8 - AI/Machine Learning ...

  • summary of proposed updates to the core framework and tools and resources

SFIA 8 - People management ...

  • summary of proposed updates to the core framework and tools and resources

SFIA 8 - Information and cyber security ...

  • summary of proposed updates to the core framework and tools and resources

SFIA 8 employability ...

  • summary of proposed updates to the core framework and tools and resources

SFIA 8 - Readability​ ...

  • summary of proposed updates to the core framework and tools and resources

Tools to support open consultation​ ...

  • transparent approach - you can see SFIA 8 being built
  • encouraging early review and feedback to improve quality

Open and transparent approach​ ...

  • keeping you informed
  • please sign up for updates and to take part

You can view and download all the slides using the Slideshare below.

We want to include more people…

You can invite others to join in…

Peter  Leather

SFIA Updates Manager & SFIA 8 Project Manager