The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

About SFIA - Appendices

SFIA - Behavioural factors

This describes the behavioural factors that are distributed throughout the generic attributes. While many organisations choose to use the generic attributes in their summary form, others find expanding them into individual behavioural factors useful.

SFIA - knowledge, skill and competency

This describes how SFIA aligns with ISO Standards related to the assessment of knowledge, skills and competency and how these maybe used to help manage the development of a workforce.

SFIA - More than just a skills and competencies framework

This describes some of the range of activities of the SFIA Foundation. They are not core elements of the SFIA Framework and may not be generally visible to the user community but they are key to the Foundation's activities. This illustrates the global governance of the SFIA Foundation, how the SFIA Foundation operates, how it supports its global ecosystem and outlines some of the additional resources provided by the SFIA Foundation through its volunteer community.

Behavioural Factors in SFIA

Key to the SFIA Levels are the behavioural factors that are components of responsibility. The behavioural factors are usually presented as distributed throughout the generic attributes. They can also be viewed explicitly and individually when required.

Knowledge, skill and competency

SFIA is an experience framework – you have a skill or competency at a particular level because you have experience of practising that skill or competency in a real-world, professional environment.

More than just a framework

The SFIA Foundation provides much more than just the SFIA Framework. It provides and operates the mechanism necessary to develop the SFIA Framework from real industry experience and practice and make it available for use along with supporting resources.