The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Information content authoring INCA

The management and application of the principles and practices of designing, creation and presentation of textual information, supported where necessary by graphical content for interactive and digital uses.

The adoption of workflow principles and definition of user roles and engagement and training of content providers.

This material may be delivered electronically (for example, as collections of web pages) or otherwise. This skill includes managing the quality assurance and authoring processes for the material being produced.


Defined at these levels: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Information content authoring: Level 1

Contributes, under instruction, to the production and distribution of content, to testing the content and layout of specific deliverables, and to the configuration of content items and files. Moderates online user content to ensure conformance to guidelines and escalates where appropriate.

Information content authoring: Level 2

Develops a broad understanding of technical publication concepts, tools and methods and the way in which these are implemented. Develops an understanding of content development support activities, such as information gathering, user task analysis, creating draft content, illustration, printing and publishing. Works with colleagues and clients to understand audience needs and to assimilate source material. Presents information clearly, concisely and accurately in appropriate plain language, which meets the needs of the user as clearly, simply and quickly as possible.

Information content authoring: Level 3

Liaises with clients/users to clarify details of requirements. Designs, creates and tests moderately complex subject matter, using easily understood language. Designs content for search engine optimisation, making informed decisions about the best way to present information to users. Ensures that content is accurate, relevant and current and takes into account user needs.

Information content authoring: Level 4

Engages with senior content owners, using objective evidence to determine the content needs of users. Controls, monitors and evaluates web content to ensure quality, consistency and accessibility of messages. Designs the content and appearance of complex information deliverables (e.g. web pages) in collaboration with clients/users. Moderates content and ensures it can be reused. Creates and tests complex, well-engineered deliverables to support simple, clear, fast services. Interprets analytics data to optimise content so that it meets user needs and is optimised for search engines. Reviews work of other content designers for consistency and accuracy, and takes responsibility for its publication. Understand the implications of publishing content and manages the risks of doing so.

Information content authoring: Level 5

Provides overall editorial control across the team or teams of content designers, to ensure appropriate content, tone, brevity, consistency and re-use. Advises on appropriate content formats and publishing platforms to enable requirements to be satisfied. Develops content plans and strategies, showing how the identified user need will be met. Organises reviews of draft material.

Information content authoring: Level 6

Manages content development, ensuring that adequate procedures, standards, tools and resources are in place and implemented to ensure the appropriate quality of material developed by content creators within the organisation. Champions the use of plain English and sets the standards for quality and drafting, consistently demonstrating these in own work. Manages relationships with stakeholders, ensuring that they receive the information that they need. Manages reviews of draft content.

Information content authoring: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.