The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Digital marketing MKTG

Integration of digital marketing with traditional print/broadcast methods, to support the research, analysis and stimulation of potential or existing markets for products and services, both to provide a sound basis for business development and to generate a satisfactory flow of sales enquiries. The management and development of strategies, campaigns and day-to-day marketing activity delivered through web and other appropriate digital channels and technologies.


Defined at these levels: 2 3 4 5 6

Digital marketing: Level 1

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.

Digital marketing: Level 2

Understands the basic principles of digital marketing, and the range of tools for planning, implementing and monitoring their application on behalf of the organisation. Contributes to web and digital marketing and communication planning and implementation activity and suggests creative and innovative ideas for campaigns. Monitors results of web marketing and digital communications. Understands the key messages for both internal and external audiences.

Digital marketing: Level 3

Uses customer and employee insight to identify industry trends, needs and sales opportunities. Conducts market research, and maintains relevant information, including lessons learned from previous projects. Develops creative and innovative ideas for campaigns. Applies appropriate strategies and tools, including web and digital, to inform and produce marketing plans. Develops and delivers targeted digital and multi-channel communication campaigns to get key messages across and reinforce the organisation’s unique selling points key messages and brand. Applies tools to measure the effectiveness of internal and external web and digital campaigns and recommends appropriate methods to a given situation. Presents and communicates at marketing events.

Digital marketing: Level 4

Appraises factors that influence online marketing activity, carries out market research, and identifies unique selling points and key messages. Investigates and analyses customer and competitor dynamics and uses appropriate channels and technologies for target marketing and engagement. Recognises and uses the similarities and differences between online and traditional marketing concepts and applications, providing advice on channel methodology, effectiveness and implementation. Makes creative use of elements relevant to both digital and traditional environments, and drafts appropriate support materials. Analyses the effectiveness of campaigns and services and their impact on audience behaviour and business outcomes. Organises and participates actively in marketing events.

Digital marketing: Level 5

Devises and manages market research, marketing planning and campaigns within specified budgets to meet agreed objectives. Advises on brand management and promotion of corporate reputation through digital channels. Engages strategic managers in approval of large-scale web and digital marketing and communications strategies, promoting innovative solutions to marketing challenges. Takes overall responsibility for the production of marketing materials and staging of events. Plays an active role in promoting employee engagement through intranet and social media tools. Reviews the effectiveness of digital marketing and communication strategies and services and their impact on business outcomes.

Digital marketing: Level 6

Determines and oversees the marketing and marketing planning strategy for the organisation. Makes strategic decisions regarding marketing plans and the planning process, placing online, web and digital marketing and communications at the hub of customer-centric communications in an increasingly multi-channel environment. Evaluates and responds to key factors relating to the implementation, measurement and review of successful campaigns. Makes a significant contribution to the development and communication of the organisation’s strategy for the use of web, digital and social media to engage and involve stakeholders. Uses digital channels for getting the organisation’s messages across and delivered to the highest professional standard.

Digital marketing: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.