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May 2023 - SFIA update

May 2023 - SFIA update

Brazilian Portuguese, US English, BABOK /Business analyst role profiles, NICE levels

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US English version of SFIA 8

  • We have growing interest and numbers of SFIA users in the United States.
  • We have created US English versions of the 3 SFIA pdfs and the Excel spreadsheet. 
  • These are available to registered users here 

US-based National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)

  • Our commitment to integrating cybersecurity with SFIA continues
  • We have developed an approach to support employers defining cybersecurity jobs and a cybersecurity job architecture based on the NICE work roles and SFIA
  • We have used the SFIA responsibility levels and SFIA skills to create a simple tabular mapping to NICE work roles
  • Here is a 3 minute video explaining the approach. (No audio).

  • This is a work in progress, prototype of this approach. We are looking for feedback from the SFIA and cybersecurity community to develop this further including to extending to a wider range of professional career families.
  • Anyone interested in helping to develop this further should contact the SFIA Foundation.
  • Supporting Excel and pdf documents are available to download here


  • The NICE Program Office has submitted a report "Measuring Cybersecurity Workforce Capabilities: Defining a Proficiency Scale for the NICE Framework" to Congress
  • They intend to "Establish a workplace-focused NICE Framework proficiency scale that is modeled after the SFIA Levels of Responsibility and incorporates criteria of supervision, complexity, professional skills, knowledge, and influence, to be applied to Competency Areas and Work Roles; and develop a plan to communicate the scale and its application to the NICE Framework to the community of stakeholders"
  • We first published a SFIA-NICE Mapping with the release of SFIA 7 (2019) and this has been updated with the release of SFIA 8 (2021)

Business analysis BABOK and BA role profiles

  • Many thanks to the IIBA UK working group who have updated the BABOK v3 mapping to SFIA 8
  • They have also created and shared generic job/role descriptions for the following...
    • Business Analysis Practice Lead
    • Senior Business Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Trainee/Apprentice Business Analyst
  • You can find the documents here

We welcome interest in professional bodies and publishers of bodies of knowledge to do something similar. It's a great way of introducing a wider audience to the value of the work you do in building the knowledge, capabilities and reputation of your professionals.

Translations of SFIA 8

  • The Brazilian Portuguese translation of SFIA 8 is now available which means SFIA 8 is available in 12 languages. Thanks to Paulo Duque, Guilherme Jardim and Yve Abel Marcial who have lead this activity. 
  • Registered members can also download the 3 pdfs and the Excel spreadsheet here.
  • We have also have a partial translations in Dutch.

We welcome interest in additional translations of SFIA content. All translations must be completed under SFIA licensing agreements. The SFIA Foundation provides translation tools to create high quality translations in a range of formats. Translations that are not listed on the SFIA website are unofficial and unlicensed.

 Developing SFIA for the V9 release in late 2024 continues

  1. For those with specific suggestions, please continue to use our Change Request web page.
  2. If you prefer a conversation or have some ideas to share via email, please contact us.
  3. To provide more general feedback on the future direction of SFIA, please use our new feedback form.

We appreciate your involvement in shaping the future of SFIA and value your diverse perspectives. Our aim is to create an open, collaborative, and welcoming environment where everyone's voice is heard. Let's work together to ensure SFIA continues to develop and serve the needs of our dynamic global community.

Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager