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March 2021 - SFIA 8 consultation update

March 2021 - SFIA 8 consultation update

A 2 minute update on the SFIA 8 consultation - and a reminder of how you can get involved.

Estimated reading time - 1 min, 56 secs.

Thanks to all who have contributed to SFIA 8 

  • it's a community effort and all your help is much appreciated.

We are now focussed on pulling together the analysis and recommendations to create the new content for SFIA 8.

  • if you can help with any of the activities below please get in touch
  • help with reviewing, testing and proof reading will be very valuable over the coming months

SFIA 8 launch plans...

  • we can confirm that we plan to publish SFIA 8 in Q3 2021 - and mid-September is our target
  • the most visible part is - of course - updating the content of the core SFIA framework
  • the graphic gives a overview of activity over the next few months
  • we will publish a beta version of SFIA 8 in June - to encourage focussed feedback
  • the content will be locked in August - at that point the English language content is ready for publication and closed to further changes

click image for pdf of this graphic

Active testing...

  • SFIA 8 will introduce new core content - and we also like to keep the supporting material fresh, relevant and useful
  • It is very valuable to have the content and supporting material reviewed and tested by SFIA users


  • SFIA is published in 11 languages with 2 more in the pipeline
  • we are largely dependent on volunteers for translation
  • we have found that using translators who know the framework produces better quality results
  • if you can help with the translation process - please get in touch 


  • there is a lot of useful information in SFIA framework and on the website
  • a growing challenge is helping people find what they need
  • we have introduced a number of features to do this - the SFIA views, the links to related SFIA skills, the list of bodies of knowledge
  • we plan to do more to help navigation

The SFIA reference manual and the A3 chart...

  • These have always been key components of what SFIA offers
  • With SFIA 7 we made a number of improvements to the SFIA reference manual and the A3 chart
  • We are actively reviewing what printed/pdf documents we should publish
  • If you have any suggestions - please get in touch

SFIA 8 change log...

  • As we approach the conclusion of the SFIA 8 consultation - please keep an eye on the change log to see the current status
  • Please browse the log and bookmark the page for future reference

We want to include more people…

You can invite others to join in…

Peter  Leather

SFIA Updates Manager & SFIA 8 Project Manager