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June 2022 - SFIA update

June 2022 - SFIA update

New Zealand | Webinars | Behavioral factors | Basic digital skills

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New Zealand whole-of-country licence

New Zealand is the latest country to invest in a whole-of-country SFIA licence.

It allows all New Zealand organisations, operating in New Zealand, to exploit SFIA both internally and commercially without the normal licence fees due individually.

  • In some cases additional fees may be required but these are at preferential rates.

A whole-of-country SFIA licence...

  • Generates momentum in national skills and competency initiatives.
  • Enables integration of skills activities to support national skills objectives.
  • Provides for a globally used, reliable, industry-led, international standard to be the common basis for skills and competency development.
  • Removes the need for an individual country to bear the full costs for development and on-going support of a framework.
  • Provides for immediate availability and use in line with the global common practice.
  • Enables New Zealand to play a major role in the ongoing development of the SFIA standard and its support ecosystem.
For further information about whole-of-country SFIA licences contact the SFIA Foundation.

    Webinars/conference update

    • We have spent some time investigating a global conference. and have looked in detail at different virtual conference platforms . (Thanks to Peter Leeson who volunteered to lead this investigation).

    • Our conclusion is to focus on delivering a number of webinars over the next 12 months or so.

    • Having done that we will be in  a better position to assess the level of demand for a conference and what form that might take. 

    Webinar - Making it Stick

    Thanks to Charlotte May-Wymer who kindly volunteered to deliver the first webinar on July 14th 2022. You can register for the webinar here.

    We have other webinars planned. They will be a mix of user stories and discussion forums. 

    • The user stories provide real world examples of how organisations use SFIA. We have potential speakers representing government bodies, employers and academic institutions. 

    • The discussion forums will be based around topics of interest to the SFIA community (such as behavioural skills) . 

    Please get in touch with ideas for webinars of if you have a topic you would like to present at a SFIA webinar.

    If you are aware of conference where a presentation on SFIA would be of interest - please get in touch with Ian Seward.

      SFIA 8 Behavioural factors 

      • Many thanks to Penny Coulter and Phil Lovell who have volunteered their time and expertise to progress this important part of the SFIA framework. They have been...
        1. researching and mapping industry behavioural models
        2. developing detailed guidance for the application of SFIA's behavioural factors in 3 use cases - role profiles, self-assessment and recruitment
      • The next step is to develop content for webinar to share this work and get feedback 

      Foundational digital skills

      • Typically, foundational/basic digital skills covers the physical operation of digital devices and the software operations in those devices
      • The connection between these skills and the SFIA framework is frequently raised as a possible topic for collaboration and interoperability.
      • We have started looking at these by....
        • collating industry drivers
        • reviewing the content of existing frameworks for foundational/basic digital skills
        • identifying interested parties for knowledge sharing and collaboration on this topic
        • identifying priority areas where SFIA framework components can support basic digital skills
      • You can find some illustrative slides on the topic here.

      Please get in touch with ideas or questions .

      Peter Leather

      SFIA Updates Manager