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Webinar - Making it Stick
Charlotte May-Wymer

Webinar - Making it Stick

Join Charlotte May-Wymer, Head of People at risual Ltd, as she examines risual's approach to SFIA and what they have done to ensure its longevity in all aspects of working life at risual.

News update - Webinar recording, slides and key learning points now published.

Topics include

  • making SFIA stick through integration with HR processes, systems and dashboards, templates
  • support for colleagues using SFIA
  • use of SFIA in performance reviews recruitment, job descriptions, interviews
  • future plans for using SFIA at risual

Attending the event live means you can ask questions and join in the discussion.

Two live sessions will be held to support different time zones. You should book for only one.

  • SFIA: Making it Stick - Session 1
    Thursday July 14th 0800 (UTC+1)
  • SFIA: Making it Stick - Session 2
    Thursday July 14th 1700 (UTC+1)

risual Ltd is a UK-based business & technology services organisation, offering consultancy, managed services, training & adoption, education, and apprenticeships for cloud technologies. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner across 15 categories and an Azure Expert MSP, placing it in the top 0.05% of MS partners globally and is a Microsoft Fast Track Ready Partner.