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January 2024 - SFIA update

January 2024 - SFIA update

Tracking changes for SFIAv9 | Prototypes | Making SFIA easier to consume

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SFIA 9 tracker

  • We share the change requests and the the proposed updates and other actions on the website
  • Helping you plan for a new version of SFIA:
    • you should register on the site and/or sign up for the SFIA Foundation newsletter
    • before publishing a new version - all proposed changes are made public for further comment using a beta release
    • we will also estimate the scale of the change and the likely impact on current SFIA users so that you can make informed choices

Prototypes - SFIA v9 Levels of responsibility and generic attributes

  • For SFIA 8 - all skills were edited for readability, which included adding 'Guidance notes' for all skills and creating a short description of each skill.
  • This was well received by SFIA users. So for SFIA 9 - we will do something similar for the levels of responsibility and generic attributes.
  • We have some early prototypes available (these are subject to change) - 

Visualising career paths with SFIA

You may have missed these updates from December

SFIA fundamentals quiz - making SFIA easier to consume

  • We have launched a pilot of a quiz on the fundamentals of SFIA.
  • For both new and seasoned SFIA users, the short quiz helps learn and deepen understanding of SFIA fundamentals.
  • The quiz helps anyone beginning their SFIA journey, whether it's for implementing SFIA at their workplace, for personal development, or just for gaining more insight into the framework.
  • The quiz is short and interactive. It's designed as a learning aid rather than a test. The platform provides feedback and guidance on both correct and incorrect responses.

New interactive PDF  - SFIA skills profiles at your fingertips

Company logos

  • The SFIA Foundation is a global not-for-profit. We make the content of the framework available for free (or low cost for large organisations or commercial use).
  • The guidance and resources on the SFIA website are also freely available.
  • So while not contributing financially, one way that organisations can show their support for SFIA is by sharing their logo on the SFIA home page.
  • We have created the logo carousel and with thanks to the organisations who have shared their logos so far we have made a start populating it.
  • However - this is only a handful from the wide and diverse set of SFIA users and partners around the world.
  • We would like to have more. If you are an organisation that uses SFIA and/or a SFIA partner and are willing to share your logo - please get in touch. 

Thank you for shaping the future of SFIA through your ongoing participation and feedback. 

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Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager