The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

How we work

SFIA is a collaborative effort, involving many IT people, managers, educationalists and HR people from around the world.

Maintenance and distribution of SFIA is handled by the SFIA Foundation.

Our business philosophy is simple:

  • The corporate members of the SFIA Foundation have provided funds to establish SFIA, but are not permitted to take dividends from the Foundation. Any money collected by the Foundation can only be used for the benefit of the framework and its users.
  • We are committed to maintaining SFIA as an effective management resource by an open process of public consultation.
  • SFIA is available free of charge to most companies and individuals who use SFIA purely as an internal management resource; they cannot distribute SFIA information or exploit SFIA commercially.
  • A modest annual fee is required from individuals and companies who exploit SFIA by using it to support the sale of their products and services. These are our valued partners and consultants.

Input to help define strategic direction is provided by the SFIA Council.

Support for users of SFIA is provided by our Accredited Consultants, Accredited Partners, and Training Providers.

General exchange of information between users of SFIA is facilitated by the SFIA User Forum and the SFIA Users group on LinkedIn.