The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Introduction to SFIA documentation

The SFIA Framework has become the global common reference for skills and competency for the digital world.

The SFIA website – – is the primary source of information for the SFIA Framework. Additional resources to enable skills and competency development are available along with other elements of the supporting ecosystem.

A number of core documents are available for download if required. These include:

  • SFIA Framework reference - The SFIA standard
    The full description of the SFIA levels of responsibility, the generic attributes that define the SFIA levels, the behavioural factors, knowledge statements and all the SFIA professional skills.

  • About SFIA - Guidance for the use of the SFIA standard
    An overview of the SFIA Skills and Competency Framework and essential understanding for how it can be used in the management and development of people.

  • SFIA Excel spreadsheet
    To help users incorporate SFIA into their own internal SFIA support tooling. It provides the content of the SFIA levels of responsibility, the generic attributes (containing the behavioural factors and knowledge statements) and the professional skills.

  • SFIA Summary chart - skills and generic attributes
    A summary chart of the SFIA professional skills on one side and the generic attributes on the other.

The SFIA summary is a useful quick reference for SFIA users. The detailed content for skills and levels of responsibility is in the SFIA Framework reference.

The SFIA Framework reference is specific for a version of the SFIA Framework. It provides full descriptions of the individual generic attributes, behavioural factors and professional skills.

The About SFIA document is not specific for a version of the SFIA Framework. This document can be updated independently of SFIA versions.

Both the SFIA Framework reference and the About SFIA documents contain essential  information and should be read together in order to get the most benefit from using the SFIA Framework.