Globalne ramy umiejętności i kompetencji w cyfrowym świecie


Pobierz pełną i darmową dokumentację SFIA.

Nowa wersja SFIA jest już dostępna.
Pobierz bezpłatnie dokumentację SFIA 8.

Available for download ...

  • complete guide in PDF format
  • Figure A3 summarising SFIA's skills and responsibilities
  • An Excel spreadsheet containing full text descriptions of skills and levels of responsibilities - this is invaluable when copying and pasting SFIA content into your own tools/documents

All documents are available free of charge registered on this site. Registration will allow you to choose a free user license.

Note - links to download documents will appear on this page when you are logged in to the site

Many other frameworks are inherently closed ...

  • You can only access content by paying fees or subscriptions
  • Content can be difficult to contain and difficult to extract
    • e.g. in encrypted PDF documents that do not allow printing or "copying and pasting" of content
  • Owners update their framework "behind closed doors" – before handing over updates to users
Important: To use SFIA, you need to obtain a license
  • The SFIA Foundation maintains and distributes SFIA using a licensing system.
  • The SFIA license is free for personal career development – and for most internal applications by employers in managing their employees.
  • Other types of use may require a different type of license and may incur a modest fee.

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