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Update on SFIA standard skills profiles

Update on SFIA standard skills profiles

Initial curation of 380 SFIA skills profiles for the global community.

Earlier this year we launched an initiative to share global good practice in the area of SFIA skills profiles.

We now have an initial collection of SFIA skills profiles ...

  • 149 Australian Public Service roles
  • 151 UK Government Digital Service DDAT roles*
  • 52 USA  National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education roles - first draft
  • 30 European Union ICT professional profiles

Full details can be found in the Tools and resources section.

* The 151 Roles are currently being updated in collaboration with the DDaT team and will be maintained as the DDaT Roles change.

These are a practical demonstration that SFIA is the common, global language for professional skills and competencies in the field of ICT, software engineering and digital transformation.

  • The presentation of the skills profile documentation varies - this represents the source and use cases for each.
  • Some of the material is still being developed - but we wanted to share the content early in order to encourage use and generate feedback 

We plan to add to this list and also refine the presentation of the information.

  • we welcome interest from national or industry bodies who wish to collaborate to develop and publish SFIA skills mappings
  • use the link below to contact me

Ian Seward

SFIA Foundation General Manager