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SFIA - EU ICT Professional Role Profiles

SFIA - EU ICT Professional Role Profiles

As part of our collaboration, the SFIA Foundation has published SFIA competency profiles for the European Union (EU) ICT professional profiles.

SFIA - EU ICT Role Profiles The European Union (EU) has published a standard set of #ICT role profiles.

These are, of course, illustrative rather than definitive, as any generic profiles must be tailored to an organisation's specific needs. Generic profiles rarely provide a good fit but may be useful in developing your own role designs.

These profiles, described using the richness of the SFIA Framework, are available here with further guidance for their use.

In addition, an illustration of how some of the EU ICT roles would most likely, in as real organisational context, be deployed as a role family making use of the progressive SFIA Levels of Responsibilities providing valuable career paths.

This mapping will allow SFIA users within Europe and the wider global community to make use of the EU ICT Roles alongside SFIA if required.

This work has been developed by Peter Leather, the SFIA Update Manager, following an original idea from André Richier

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