SFIA 8 beta release – revised dates and webinar invitation

Register for SFIA 8 beta release webinars - June 29th/30th

We had planned the SFIA 8 beta release and a series of webinars for June 15th/16th

  • we have some logistical issues with running the webinars – so we are revising the date to June 29th/30th.

This means the SFIA 8 beta release is slightly delayed...

  • but we are continuing to publish the new and revised SFIA 8 content and the change log on the website

How to register for the webinars

We are running 3 webinars at 3 time zones to support the global user base of SFIA.

The content of each webinar is the same although the presenters may vary. The content will include...

  • a summary of the planned changes for SFIA 8
  • how SFIA 8 addresses a number of industry themes
  • how to access the detailed changes in the beta release
  • how to provide feedback
  • ways you can get involved and help test out the changes

Registration details are below – please register for only ONE webinar.

  • recordings will be made available - but please try and attend the live sessions
  • attending in person gives you the opportunity to ask questions and your questions help us improve the outcomes of the beta release
  • there is always some elapsed time between the webinar and the recordings being made available. To hear the news first - attend the webinar
  • please register in advance - for ONE webinar only - from the 3 options below.
  • after registering - you will receive an email with joining instructions for the webinar.

SFIA 8 beta launch – Webinar 1

 Sydney 09:00 Wednesday 30th June / UTC 23:00 Tuesday 29th June 

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SFIA 8 beta launch - Webinar 2  

London 09:00 Wednesday 30th June  / UTC 08:00 Wednesday 30th June 

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SFIA 8 beta launch – Webinar 3  

Los Angeles 09:00 Wednesday 30th June  / UTC 16:00 Wednesday 30th June 

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