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SFIA 7 launched - May 2018

SFIA 7 launched - May 2018

SFIA 7 - the seventh major version of the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

I have great pleasure in introducing the seventh major version of the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

First published in 2000, SFIA has evolved through successive updates as a result of expert input by its global users to ensure that, first and foremost, it remains relevant and useful to the needs of the industry and business.

SFIA 7, as with previous updates, is an evolution. It has been updated in response to many change requests: many of the existing skills have been updated and a few additional ones introduced but the key concepts and essential values of SFIA remain true, as they have done for nearly 20 years.

The structure has remained the same – 7 levels of responsibility characterised by generic attributes, along with many professional skills and competencies described at one or more of those 7 levels.

The SFIA standard covers the full breadth of the skills and competencies related to information and communication technologies, digital transformation and software engineering. SFIA is also often applied to a range of other technical endeavours.

As well as the regular updates, SFIA 7 focused on a number of themes:

  • software engineering
  • cyber security
  • digital transformation
  • agile & DevOps
  • big data and informatics
  • knowledge

While these have all been elements of SFIA for many years they have been revisited and refined in SFIA 7. In addition, clear statements on how the SFIA skills and competencies are used to deliver benefits are included in this, and additional, documentation.

I am very grateful to Peter Leather, who acted as both the SFIA 7 Update Manager and technical consultant/subject matter expert. Most importantly, thanks are owed to the vast community of SFIA users, volunteers from around the world, covering six continents and hundreds of organisations, who provided requirements, suggested solutions, and drafted or reviewed content. It continues to be translated into 6 languages – with more planned in 2018.

In addition, I would like to thank my predecessor, Matthew Burrows, who has been so supportive throughout this update, contributing both content and invaluable advice.

SFIA is more than just the Framework, there is an entire ecosystem supporting it which is why SFIA has become the world’s most widely adopted skills and competency framework. –

Ian Seward
General Manager, SFIA Foundation
Chair, SFIA Design Authority Board

May 2018
Email: [email protected]


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